Boiler Plant Fuel Usage and Efficiency

Date Range: 09/28/2020 06:19 - 09/28/2021 14:19

MonthWood Fuel Input Weight (tons)Wood Fuel Input Energy* (mmBtu)Energy Delivered by Biomass Boiler (mmBtu)Biomass Boiler Efficiency Energy Supplied to District System (mmBtu)
Oct 2020001,186inf%1,188
Nov 202000947inf%1,057
Jan 202100963inf%1,293
Mar 2021000nan%829

This table presents the fuel consumed by the biomass boiler during specific months, the heat delivered by the biomass boiler to the thermal storage, the calculated efficiency of the biomass boiler, and the heat delivered to the district system. The efficiency is calculated as:

* Input energy is based on the Higher Heating Value (HHV) of the wood fuel. Note that 1 mmBtu = 1 * 10^6 Btu.